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Clare Rae


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Clare Rae


19 - 22 September 2013

Interact continues Rae’s exploration of the captured moment as the point where performance and photography converge. Pushing the work in a new direction, Rae explores the conventions of narrative through positioning the protagonist in and out of the frame, creating connections between objects and the artist’s body.

The precision with which Rae captures fleeting moments renders objects without the weight of gravity, as fabric seems to float upon the air. In contrast Rae’s body is imbued with an exaggerated weight as her poised form intersects the fabric at decisive points. The stillness of the photograph is accentuated by the ensnared movement, making the viewer aware of the impossibility of these static figures outside of the photograph.

Interact furthers Rae’s investigation of the subjectivity of gender constructs through the presence of the artist’s body, unearthing discussion around representation, femininity and identity.

This exhibition was presented at Carriageworks, Sydney as part of the inaugural Sydney Contemporary art fair.

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Clare Rae
Clare Rae
Clare Rae
Clare Rae
Clare Rae
Sydney Contemporary 2013
Sydney Contemporary 2013
Sydney Contemporary 2013

Sydney Contemporary


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